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Non-Immigrant Visas – California

Non-immigrants enter the U.S. for a temporary period of time and are restricted to the activity consistent with their visas. These type of visas are less restricted and more readily available.

The North American Free Trade Agreement allows Canadian and Mexican nationals to enter the United States more easily to engage in certain business activities as a professional level. This provision is called TN classification status. An individual wishing to qualify for the TN classification must have received a job offer from a U.S. employer. The foreign national can enter the United States on a temporary basis and is allowed to this country to engage in business activities at a professional level. The individual who enters with this vista must plan to stay only temporarily in the United States. The visa status is granted for one year but the stay can be renewed indefinitely as long as the primary holder continues to meet the qualifications for the visa.

An California Immigration Lawyer can assist you by helping you collect and submit the required documents for this visa. Those documents include documents showing that the applicant is a citizen of Canada or Mexico and a detailed letter from a United States prospective employer that states the nature of the professional activity that the applicant will be employed to do. In addition one of The Law Office of Andy Miris’ Immigration Attorneys will help you submit evidence showing that the applicant has the college degree and that the degree is equivalent to the degree in the United States and collect and submit copies of any licenses that are needed to do the work.

If your company needs professional assistance in filing for a Special TN Visa contact a Southern California Immigration Lawyer at The Law Office of Andy Miri.

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