Obtaining Permanent Residency Through Marriage

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Marriage is a Common Path to Permanent Residency

Get a Green Card Through Marriage

Every year thousands of foreign nationals receive permanent residency by marrying a U.S. citizen. In order to acquire permanent residency the foreign national who is living in the United States is required to file an application to adjust her or his immigration status with USCIS. The process of obtaining permanent residency through marriage to a United States citizen is not automatic and all the requirements must be met.

After the couple is married the United States citizen must file an I 130 and the foreign national is required to file application for adjustment of status, I-485. The requirements include documents to prove that the two people do live together as a married couple and a medical examination. If the marriage is less than two years old, the USCIS will issue a conditional permanent residency status.

If you are considering marriage to a US citizen or you are a US citizen contemplating marriage to a non citizen it would be worth your time to get all the facts and specific advice as to obtaining Permanent Residency. Please call an California Immigration Lawyer from The Law Office of Andy Miri. We are experts in family and marriage immigration law.

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