E-3 Specialty Occupation Visa for Australians

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Special E3 Visa For Australian Nationals

This special E-3 visa is available only to Australian nationals to work in a “specialty occupation” in the United States. This specialty occupation is one that requires highly specialized knowledge acquired through a four-year university degree. The educational requirement for this visa is that the nationalist must have completed a four year university degree or its equivalent or progressive experience that is the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the United States. The national must have a job offer from a United States employer. The E-3 visa application can be submitted only to a United States consulate and cannot be filed from within the United States.

Documents necessary for the E-3 specialty occupation visa for Australians

The Australian national must present a copy of the certified Labor Condition application. The ability of the US-based employer to pay wages and the job offer must be documented. The employment agreement between the employer and the employee must be documented. Furthermore, documents must demonstrate that the job is and will, in all likelihood remain a specialty occupation. The national must demonstrate that he has the requisite university degree and it is the equivalent to a four year university degree in the United States. In addition, if the positions requires a license or permit to practice in the United States, the national has to have the license or permit. The final requirement is that the national must documents that he or she has ties back in his home country or other evidence that demonstrates that the national intents to return to his home country.

An Immigration Attorney from The Law Office of Andy Miri can work with the applicant and/or the US employer to secure the appropriate documentation that is need. The Law Office of Andy Miri has years of experience preparing visa documents and can assist you and to help you meet all of the requirements for this special E-3 visa.

Call an California Immigration Attorney who will explain the entire E-3 process. Our Immigration Lawyers are expert in business immigration and can help you through the entire process.

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