Conditional Immigration Status Obtained Through Marriage

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Obtaining Limited Permanent Residency via Marriage

Conditional immigration status for a foreign national is usually caused by a marriage to a US citizen. The USCIS issues a limited permanent residency to the foreign national on a conditional basis when the marriage is less than two years in length. The USCIS requires that the couple file a petition, I-751, within 90 days of the second year of the marriage.

An The Law Office of Andy Miri Immigration Lawyer has experience in filing I-751 forms for our many clients over the past years. We also have the knowledge to file the form with all the required documents so that the USCIS is more likely to approve the petition without constant requests for more documents that many lesser-experienced lawyers fail to provide. USCIS typically issues the “conditional status” because that status allows the USCIS more time to decide if this is a true marriage or an attempt to receive a “Green Card” without being married.

Our Immigration attorneys will request all the necessary documents and will assemble them into one comprehensive “package” which generally includes affidavits, tax returns, mortgage documents, birth certificates, and other evidentiary documents that when assembled as a package substantiate that the citizen and foreign national are living together in a marriage of truth and substance. Moreover, one of our experienced attorneys can attend the interview with the married couple to be certain that all the documents are filed and to help the couple complete the final step in the process.

If you are considering marriage to a US citizen or you are a US citizen contemplating marriage to a non citizen it would be worth your time to get all the facts and specific advice as to obtaining Permanent Residency Status. Please call an California Immigration Lawyer. We are experts in family and marriage immigration law.

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